Another Evolution Propagandist Speaks Out

The spirit of Sanballat can be seen in many atheists and anti-creationists who implore us to be reasonable and put aside our foolish creation-believing ways. They utilize ridicule, intimidation, misuse of the law or rules (when possible), and other methods. Then the Sanballats offer to be pals, which should get your spider sense a-tingling.

Razib Khan wrote an article for a Conservative publication proclaiming the glories of evolution and calling religious people to compromise. The article is very dishonest.
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"Who is Sanballat, Cowboy Bob?"

You can find him discussed in the Old Testament in the book of Nehemiah. The displaced Jews were given permission to rebuild the wall, but Sanballat and his cohorts got on the prod about it. He pulled his shenanigans with Nehemiah including a "Why can't we all just get along?" bit. Nehemiah was not having any of it. See "Ten Lies Satan Tells to Biblical Creationists" for more.

The National Review is ostensibly a Conservative publication in the United States, so it seems out of place for it to be publishing a Darwinism propaganda piece on May 13, 2019. Razib Khan, a Darwinian apparatchik, praised evolution up one side and down the other, glossing over its failures and praising its imagined successes. He Sanballated that we should embrace the Bearded Buddha and put aside our silly creationist ways. After all, other religious folks believe evolution.

Many creationist sites (including this one) have pointed out that evolutionary thinking has hindered science, was a strong influence for Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and other tyrants, ruthless laissez-faire capitalism, eugenics, abortion, and other evils. (Go ahead, so a search on those on this site.) Dr. Khan wants us to accept evolution for many bad reasons.

What really takes the rag off the bush is how atheist Razib seems to be scientific. He also appears to be ignorant of what Darwin has given us. I'm not accepting it, and will risk the wrath of Khan by saying that he is being dishonest. 

Let's be pals, as long as you see things his way. (Notice that when sidewinders want others to be "reasonable", we are the ones who are supposed to compromise our values and beliefs?) The offer of getting along, maybe head over to the saloon and have a few drinks with the hands at the Darwin Ranch, this is like the fake friendship that Sanballat offered Nehemiah. Khan does not have our best interests at heart.

Something that is extremely problematic is that people fall for this kind of thing because too many "think" with their emotions, not with logic. (He's an author and a scientist, so they can fall for the faulty appeal to authority.) Christians need to go a step above critical thinking and think biblically.

Also note that the publication makes no pretense at Christianity. It is firmly rooted in the evolutionism that dominates our society. My speculation is that they would have no problem with Darwinist-based laissez-faire capitalism.
The National Review is a longstanding conservative news outlet in the United States—but what, exactly, are they trying to conserve? This week, an article was published on their website by Razib Khan, an atheist geneticist1 who refers to himself as ‘sympathetic to classical liberalism’, by the title of, “Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear Evolutionary Theory”.

In this piece, Khan attempts to put a conservative spin on Darwinism, claiming it is “a crowning achievement of Western civilization and a rejoinder to the modern myths of the Left.” Wow! The atheist Khan employs all the usual tactics here, bringing up the fact that, “many Christians well-versed in evolutionary science find it entirely compatible with their religious beliefs.” Yes, but is it actually compatible with the Bible? That’s the only important question!
To read the rest, click on "'Conservative' news site publishes pro-evolution misinformation piece". I also highly recommend the May 14, 2019 episode of The Briefing by Dr. Albert Mohler; you can listen or read the transcript. By the way, don't be getting your spiritual advice from secular publications. You savvy?