The Dancing Organelles

The title of this post sounds like an entertainment event. It is, in a way. There are so many rhythms to be found in life, and scientists discovered something going on within cells that reminded them of intricate dancing in cell compartments.

Scientists were surprised to see something resembling dances within cells. Organelles are sharing information and materials according to their design.
Made at Atom Smasher
Organelles are like compartments in cells because some activities are not to be shared. However, some of them do communicate information and share certain materials. This entire arrangement testifies of the Master Engineer's work because all the parts have to be in place and functioning at the same time. Darwin was not consulted.
Cell biologists have long focused on the tiniest of interactions: those between molecules. Recently, some researchers have zoomed out just a little to take a fresh look using new technologies at those cellular compartments, called organelles. Their discoveries give new insight into diseases, prompt a desire to redraw all the standard textbook cell pictures, and challenge anyone who still thinks of cells as simple blobs of protoplasm.

The journal Nature ran a feature article on these emerging research finds.The main new lesson? Organelles interconnect in elaborate ways. They don’t work as isolated compartments, but wrap around and pin against one another. And their closeness is no accident.
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