Folding Molecules and the Origin of Life

When someone says protein, the first thing I think of is how I can fold it. Just kidding, I think of protein-rich foods. There are millions of kinds of proteins which are classified according to their functions and other criteria. Folding is a very specific biological process.

Research into the folding of a molecule was applied to guesswork about proteins in the distant past and evolution. This part of the research is not science.
Credit: Pixabay / Colin Behrens
Protein folding is not fully understood, but it is vitally important because it is the way proteins take their shapes so they can be useful. If they don't fold properly, they are useless, and the particles can actually be harmful. Some researchers got a molecule to fold, and remarked that maybe complex molecules can be had before evolution began. This is based on materialistic presuppositions, not on actual scientific evidence. Abiogenesis has been refuted long ago, but that doesn't stop some materialists in blind faith denial of our Creator.

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Reporting from the secular science industry focused on the historical assumptions about the origin of life, so these owlhoots were celebrating what they consider to be another nail in the Creator's coffin. But this is not only historical science speculations, it is also applying the folding of a molecule to that of proteins in the alleged distant past. This aspect is not science. The press ignored the majority of the paper about the chemistry research.
Recently published research discusses the synthesis and characterization of a large molecule which folds into a ring pattern with five-fold symmetry. The size and shape of any given molecule have many implications in its usefulness as a catalyst, a chemical sensor, a scaffold for further reactions, or in its medicinal applications. However, the use of terminology including spontaneous, chemical evolution and even a subheading “Origin of Life” through the article displays the mindset of the authors. Our responsibility as Christians is to discern the difference between the discussion of results and the statements made which are interpreted through an anti-biblical worldview.
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