Chinese Fossils Give Double Cambrian Impact

We recently examined the disparity of fossils in the Cambrian explosion, where many creatures are found at the phylum level that are fully formed. Many people use the word diverse, but disparate is more accurate because it emphasizes the dramatic differences. Cambrian fossils found in China give mute testimony to not only creation, but the Genesis Flood as well.

Further news about the Cambrian explosion. Fossils in China not only support recent creation, but also the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Dwergenpaartje (CC by-SA 3.0)
Although paleontologists must be wary of "feathered dinosaur" frauds in China, there is a great deal of information in this area. Evolutionists use the euphemism "knowledge gap" to indicate that they have no idea why there are no transitional forms, only complex organisms. In addition, many living fossils have been found, contrary to the dogma of evolutionary "pressures" based on external influences.

Also, many critters with soft tissues have been discovered. The evolutionist story is that fossils form over huge amounts of time, but hard and soft creatures alike were obviously buried quickly. It is conditions, not time, contrary to what Darwin's disciples tell us. This is further evidence of the Genesis Flood.
News reports reverberated with details from a fantastic new fossil site in southern China. The Cambrian remains supposedly represent some of the earliest creatures to have evolved on Earth, but two telling details show why these fossils fit better with biblical creation.

Researchers described in the journal Science the unique set of animals buried in black Cambrian siltstone layers. Cambrian rock layers are some of the lowest layers on Earth, and thus the earliest to get buried with fossils in them. These sediments bear secular age assignments upwards of 500 million years. Seen through an evolutionary lens, these early layers captured the earliest animals to have supposedly evolved—the so-called basal life forms.
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