The Riddle of Reproduction

Materialists like Bill "I'm Not A Scientist But I Play One On TV" Nye, Clinton Richard Dawkins, and other will tell you that organisms live to pass along their genes to subsequent generations. Rather bleak, really. Believers on universal common descent evolution are baffled about the origin of reproduction.

One of the primary causes for consternation among evolutionists is the origin of reproduction. Taken from a creation perspective, however, it makes sense.
Credit: Pixabay / Erdenebayar Bayansan
There are several forms of asexual reproduction that include cloning in asexual organisms, fission, sending off spores as seeds, and parthenogenesis. Sexual reproduction is done in fewer methods including viviparity (that is what humans use). Evolutionists have suggested several possible origins of sexual reproduction, but cannot offer anything plausible. Our Creator designed living things to reproduce after their own kinds but to allow for variety and adaptation. Sex is a gift from God and is intended to be joyful when used according to his purpose.
Reproduction is broadly delineated into two major groupings: sexual and asexual. Sexual reproduction requires two organisms to exchange genetic material in cells contained in gametes. Asexual reproduction requires only one organism. Some organisms can reproduce both ways, while others are restricted to just one mechanism of reproduction.
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