Penguins Thwart Cold Climate Evolution Beliefs

Many features of penguins are fascinating, and as a bonus, followers of the Bearded Buddha have no idea how they supposedly evolved. The supposition is that they developed in cold areas and headed out from there. Warm-climate penguin fossils do not support this notion. And they were big ones.

Warm-climate penguin fossils refute evolutionary conjectures about penguins. Creationists have a possible model for their post-Flood dispersal.
Galápagos penguins image credit: Freeimages / Anna Tatti
Biblical creationists have plausible models for the dispersion of humans after Babel, but how do we account for the migration of penguins and other critters that are primarily found in cold climates? The idea of "floating forests" may provide an answer.
Way back in 1884 an evolutionary botanist, Otto Kunze, proposed the concept of a ‘Floating Forest.’ Creationist Joachim Scheven elaborates on this floating forest as a major pre-Flood ecosystem: massive drifting islands of plant-life characterized by intertwining root systems. . . .

Much of the massive amount of coal in the world today originated as floating forests which had been adrift in the ancient seas. These coal beds are found one after the other in multiple layers and this has often been asserted as proof of the uniformitarian belief in millions and millions of years. It is not at all hard to envision how these vast floating rafts of vegetation might have been beached and deposited in successive surges of tidal or tsunami flows during the Great Flood. . . .

Imagine the pre-Flood world with seas full of this type of vegetation. The now extinct floating forest habitat would have been an ideal environment for the ancestors of at least some of the modern animals that now thrive on ice shelves.
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