Not Observing Evolution After All

People tend to interpret evidence in light of their worldviews, including scientists. Champions of universal common ancestor evolution are fond of saying that evolution has been observed, but they are a mite confused. They think they see this evolution when there is actually nothing of the kind.

Atheists and evolutionist claim that evolution has been observed. This is based on convenient redefinitions and interpreting evidence through their evolutionary worldviews.
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In addition to worldview-based interpretations of data, there is also a serious consideration of definitions. Many words are redefined to fit an agenda. One example is racist, which is used contrary to actual definitions and has humorously been defined as, "Someone who is winning a debate with a leftist".

 Evolution is often equivocated using the ol' bait 'n' switch tactic. Change, natural selection, variation, and speciation are most definitely not evolution. However, since evolutionists can't play with the hand they're dealt, they shuffle and deal from the bottom of the deck: suddenly, the variation that is observed is "evolution". I'll allow that because of worldview interpretations, some folks really believe that change is evolution. That's not the case. Another trick is that materialists believe that everything came from nothing, but "nothing" has also been conveniently redefined.

Passionate but foolish blind faith in evolution, false assertions, ignorance of facts and of science itself
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Although Papa Darwin believed that natural selection is what gave rise to the immense variety of living things, that does not happen despite the way some scientists treat it like magic. Another less popular way of "proving" evolution is polyploidy. It is more common in plants, but can also be found in animals. However, there has been no new genetic information added — actual evolution has not occurred.

Unfortunately, some Christians are bamboozled by evolutionary propaganda and accept such "evidence". They elevate atheistic interpretations of science philosophies above the Word of God.

Let's take a look at what is really going on with "observed" evolution.
Evolutionists like to point to variation within kinds and claim that species are evolving. While they are not evolving in the sense that affirms Darwinism, species do change as part of a process called speciation. Speciation occurs based on natural variation existing in an organism’s genome. Every species of animal has genetic variability built into its DNA. That allows the population to change in response to environmental conditions for survival. Evolutionists will cite this as evidence for their worldview. However, this change does not support evolution for several reasons.
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