Worldwide Evidences for the Young Earth

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While it is useful to learn the details about creation science and origins subjects, sometimes it is helpful to get less technical material. We have seen overviews of evidences for the young earth from biology and geology, now we can get a much larger perspective: globally.

In this overview, we see five evidences for the young earth on a worldwide scale. Secular rescuing devices fail, and creation science has the best answer again.
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Even using assumptions and calculations from secular scientists, several items yield a much younger earth than they want to present to Darwinists to work their magic. In addition creationists have made predictions for a recent creation that secularists have waved away. Darwin's Flying Monkeys™ swoop down and gibber, "You're lying because evolution, because Wikipedia, because atheism, because!" Aside from uninformed true believers, secular scientists have attempted to round up rescuing devices that still fail.
The evolutionary story requires millions and billions of years, and most people assume that scientific dating has conclusively proved such ages. However, most dating methods yield age estimates that are much too young for the evolutionary story, even given uniformitarian assumptions.1 These include estimates that look at the earth as a whole. Such estimates should be more reliable because rates averaged over the entire earth should be less subject to local uncertainties.

In this article, we examine five global processes that strongly indicate a young earth.
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