Vegetarian Crocodiles and Imaginary Evolution

The hands at the Darwin Ranch have had a busy week, what with botching a study on dinosaur soft tissues and all. Now we have some foolish speculations on vegan crocodiles that have no merit. Mayhaps the silly work seemed good on tequila night, but taxpayers who fund this stuff should get refunds.

Researches raised many questions in some silly work by claiming that crocodiles evolved vegetarian lifestyles several times.
Background image courtesy of Why?Outreach, crocodile from Clker clipart
By examining teeth in crocodile fossils, researchers claim that the critters evolved vegetarian lifestyles multiple times. They really do not know what happened except using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™. Living creatures have complex teeth. 

Of course, this assertion of vegetarian evolution raises many questions. What caused it?

"Yeah, well, I wanted to do something to help save the world from global warming, so I evolved into a vegan. You'll thank me later."

Did the digestion change and then the teeth? What about the lack of evolution of crocodiles and alligators? And so on. No, they were doing what they have always done from the beginning of creation.
Now you’ve heard everything. Evolutionists say several groups of extinct crocodiles “evolved” a vegan lifestyle.

It’s hard to know in these days of widespread scientific fraud and fake news whether to take headlines seriously. A story from the University of Utah doesn’t seem like a practical joke or spoof on The Onion. It proclaims, “Some crocs of the past were plant eaters,” adding the subtitle, “Comparisons of the teeth of extinct crocodyliforms to modern day animals allow new insights into diet.”
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