Those Kangaroos in India

It sure would be nice for me to take a trip to 'Straya and see the sights, meet a few Fazebook friends, say "G'day pilgrim" to some stockmen, and maybe see some of the unique wildlife, such as the 'roos. Those critters are one of the cultural icons of Australia, but there is evidence that kangaroos were in India!

An archaeologist in India discovered pictographs of kangaroos. This causes problems for evolution, but fits biblical creation science models.
Credits: cropped from Freeimages / Leena Naidoo, then modifed with FotoSketcher
Pictographs that look a great deal like kangaroos were found in India. That is a problem for believers in molecules-to-marsuipal evolution, as they believe those animals only lived in Australia. The big assumption is that just because kangaroos are not found in other parts of the world today, they were never there.

Since the observations did not fit the narrative, the evidence was waved off. Worse for Darwin and his death cult, this evidence fits biblical creation science Flood, Ice Age, and animal dispersion models.
Evolutionary narratives insist that kangaroos, and the marsupials they represent, evolved millions of years ago in Australia. Supposedly, that’s why today they only live there. In contrast, Genesis teaches that all animals—including kangaroos—migrated to their present locations from the Ark’s landing place “on the mountains of Ararat”1 in or near modern-day Turkey. New evidence fits this biblical option.
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