Obscuring Coelacanth Evolution

Many creationists point out that a species of armored fish called the coelacanth was presumed extinct for over 65 million Darwin years, then it was found in 1936 doing just fine. It was just the same as it was in the fossil record, and that's the beginning of evolutionist woes. A new bundle of evoporn is attempting to make excuses.

The armored fish called the coelacanth was an icon for evolution, but it was discarded by reality. Now evolutionists are trying to save face with more fact-ignoring speculations.
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Scientists cannot use the unscientific rescuing device of "stasis" for this or other living fossils because during those alleged millions of years, Darwinian mythology has a passel of things evolving. In addition, the claim that certain fins were evidence of it trying to evolve legs, but that was also disproved by Big C itself.

A paper on the coelacanth tried to save face for Darwin, and it did what his disciples so often invoke. They ignored some very important facts, then used weasel words loaded with the equivalent of "I guess maybe", then passed it off as science. Such evoporn may help them feel better, but it does nothing useful for either science or evolution. It is also yet another desperate attempt to obscure the simple truth of recent creation.
This fish hasn’t evolved for 66 million Darwin Years and is a classic “living fossil.” We get a Darwin fish story anyway.
By all accounts, the coelacanth (Latimeria) is a strange fish among an ocean of strange fish. . . .  The coelacanth (pronouned see-la-canth) is unique for its bony fins, and its cranial development and brain. Its neurocranium is divided into two lobes connected by an intracranial joint. If that detail is only worth a yawn, consider this: the fish is a classic living fossil.
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