Tube Anemones Enemies of Evolution

More trouble at the Darwin Ranch. Scientists along with everyone else tend to reason from their presuppositions, but those should be questioned when they are so frequently refuted. Advocates of atoms-to-anemones evolution have to deal with unpleasant facts regarding tube anemones.

Examining the DNA of tube anemones caused several big problems for evolutionists. The research also supports special creation.

Researchers did some genome sequencing of mitochondrial DNA on tube anemones and had some big surprises. For one thing, the genomes of most organisms is circular. the mtDNA of the tube anemones studied is linear. Also, the mtDNA of one species was 81,000 base pairs long. Ours has 16,569. The hands at the Darwin Ranch might be sorry they examined the anemones, since this causes more problems for evolution but also affirms special creation. By the way, some people like to put them in their home aquariums.
Anemones come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Members of phylum Cnidaria, anemones are most commonly associated with clownfish in popular culture. However, there is much more to anemones than that. In particular, one recent study sequenced the mitochondrial genome of several species of tube anemones and revealed some startling surprises that provide headaches for evolutionary classification.
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