Unsafe to Question Evolution?

We are just under six months away from the ninth annual Question Evolution Day as I write this post. QED is a grassroots movement to encourage people to share material that refutes evolution and affirms special creation. We are hoping that not only will people reevaluate fake science for evolution, but that some evolutionists themselves will also question it. Ultimately, we want people to come to know the ultimate truth found in our Creator.

While some people simply accept evolution and refuse to question it, scientists and academics who public doubt Darwin risk losing their careers.
Yale Old Library - postcard via NY Public Library
As we have seen numerous times on this site alone and even more on the sites that are linked to from articles, Darwin's proselytes frequently declare evidence (or even proof) of evolution using incomplete data and spurious reasoning. Many people succumb to the propaganda: "Well, if science says, then it must be true!" Not hardly!

Materialism is the dominant religion in the West. No, not officially. But biblical creation science and even the Intelligent Design movement are actively suppressed by the Ministry of Truth, and those who dare stand up for intellectual, academic, and speech freedoms are often subjected to ridicule and censure. This makes it extremely difficult for Darwin doubters (even if they are not creationists) to survive professionally and academically.

Dr. Jerry Bergman has written several books on how people rebelled against riding for the Darwin brand and paid the price. He is a victim of academic discrimination himself. In the following article, he discusses two people who are able to speak their minds with less reprisals, but leftist sidewinders still manage to defame David Gelernter as "fiercely anti-intellectual". This is journalism? Yes, today defamation and libel are a big part of their playbook.
In my experience after teaching at three universities, when discussing Darwinism with colleagues, I have learned there exist many more Darwin skeptics than commonly believed. Most are in the closet for very good reasons (career survival), or at least they decline to publicly speak out about their views opposing Darwinism. The evidence against Darwinism is so great that it seems inevitable a few would speak out about their well-founded doubts about evolution. And some have.

Just this week alone, reports were published about the views of two leading scientists who have spoken out about their Darwin doubts. A leading Yale University Professor, David Gelernter, chief scientist at Mirror Worlds Technologies, a member of the National Council of the Arts, and a prolific author, has publicly renounced his former belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. He explains the main reason is because the idea “has been effectively disproven.”
To read the entire article, click on "Some Professionally-Safe Darwin Doubters Are Now Speaking Out". You may also consider how spreading the word about Question Evolution Day can help plant seeds of doubt in the minds of evolutionists, and help proclaim the truth of our Creator. ADDENDUM: It figures. The day after this posted, an additional article was posted about David Gelernter. If you have the notion, see "Yale University Prof: Darwin Was Wrong".