Evolution and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Rahm Emanuel said, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste". That is, politicize it and work it to your own advantage. Leftists politicians are known for not only using and exaggerating crises, but have manufactured them. Believers in universal common descent are using the coronavirus (COVID-19) to further their agenda.

Evolutionists are using the coronavirus health threat to further their agenda. This is despite the fact that Darwinism is harmful to medical science.
Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
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In a previous post, we saw the wonders of how the Master Engineer designed our immune system, and information on the coronavirus was provided. Naturalists not only reject the Creator, but they are interpreting data from their presuppositions and personal preferences. Indeed, they even try to pull the wool over our eyes by claiming that evolution is useful!

The coronavirus is a serious health threat (see "Coronavirus: A Biblical & Practical Perspective"), but when assets of the Darwin Party claim that evolutionary thinking is necessary, this is not only foolish, but dishonest as well. Further, we can see that these scientists are more intent on pushing evolutionism than in solving a problem. If they would cowboy up and leave Darwin out yonder at Deception Pass, they would have a far better framework in dealing with this health issue. There is no evolution here, pilgrim — a virus is still a virus.
Evolutionists are trying to sneak Darwin into another field where he doesn’t belong.
Do viruses mutate? Sure. The flu is slightly different each year. But flu is still flu. Mutations are random changes. Evolutionary theory tries to explain progress: new organs, new functions and new information. Sorry, but Darwinism is no help for the current worry about the coronavirus becoming a pandemic.
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