The Danger of Darwinian Medicine

If you ride up on the hill and look down at the bigger picture, you should be able to see that Darwinism interferes with medical science. Enthusiasts try to convince us that evolutionary thinking is important, but it is harmful to medical science. Consider what has been provided to us. 

Evolution is unimportant to real medical science, but evolutionary medicine is harmful. Darwinists are increasing their efforts to be relevant.
Modified from a photograph from PIXNIO
Typically, purveyors of minerals-to-mycologist evolution believe in time, chance, random processes, mutations — and supposedly no design (unless they appeal to pantheism and Gaia) and no Creator. By presupposing materialism, Papa Darwin's version of natural selection, and evolution, we have been subjected to the foolishness of vestigial structures, so-called junk DNA, and more. Indeed, it is best to realize that the Master Engineer put things in their places for specific purposes. 

Real medical science has little use for evolutionary thinking, but secularists want to increase their input. Just because scientists do not understand their function does not automatically prove they are useless evolutionary remnants! These are also the morally-challenged folks who saddled up with the eugenics and social Darwinism brands. Do you want these tinhorns attempting to conduct cancer research, or even work on your issues? Not this child.
In basic terms, practicing medicine is the science of preserving health and life. Darwinism, on the other hand, is a death-driven worldview holding that life advances through survival of the fittest. When the two are joined, you have one of the biggest combinations of self-contradictory thought perpetrated in the last 50 years. But though “Darwinian medicine” is an oxymoron, it’s a very real approach advocated by people intent on having their worldview permeate every facet of life.
The faith-based foundation of Darwinian medicine was summed up in a book review for The Journal of the American Medical Association:
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