Deplatforming Darwin in the Cancel Culture

Of the currently popular movements that this child finds nonsensical, deplatforming and its ugly brother cancel culture are especially baffling. They seem to be a means of punishing people for making statements or having views that are currently unpopular. Why are they not taking shots at Charles Darwin?

People try to cancel and rewrite history, punish people - past and present - for having wrong views. Much is about racism, but Darwin still stands.
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That's right, people who are dead can be punished. Mayhaps it's revenge. In many instances, people just want to destroy. These mindless mooncalves even tore down statues of abolitionists like Frederick Douglass and Hans Christian Heg. Much of the current hatred is directed toward not only slave owners in the formerly United States, but regarding racism.

Why not deplatform and cancel Darwinism? It would be consistent. One big problem is that evolutionary thinking is prominent in the scientific community and academia, and the Marxist groups are actually living out Darwinism! Evolutionists are known to offer up the excuse that Darwin was a product of his time, but the cancel culture folks are not offering the same excuse for other historical figures. His worldview affected his philosophies, and from there, his followers through today.

Indeed, I sided with C. Richard Dawkins who was deplatformed at Berkeley a few years ago for saying things about Islam that resulted in hurt feelings. Whether or not his statements were correct as immaterial, it was about political correctness.

There are basic reasons to not try to rewrite or attempt to erase history, including that of Darwin. People need to study and learn from the past and see the big picture, and learn. Those of us with a biblical worldview know that people are created in God's image and that there is only one race.
Racism has been a hot-button issue in the United States for the last year or so with violent riots rocking many major cities across the country. In response, a wave of censorship and appeasement occurred on a nationwide scale, resulting in deplatforming of people whose ideas were not in step with the mainstream narrative. However, the issue has been around for a long time: it is hardly unique to 2020. In fact, if we are going to deplatform people who are deemed racist, it seems very hypocritical not to start with one of the most well-known racists of all time: Charles Darwin.

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