Ancient DNA and Overused Evolutionary Terms

Time and time again, Darwin's disciples are trapped by their erroneous presuppositions. They filter observed evidence through their worldviews and are continually surprised when their speculations do not match the facts. Rescuing devices and obambulating weasel words are utilized.

As regular readers have seen, secular cosmologists are constantly surprised that facts do not align with preconceptions. This also happens in biology, paleontology, and so on. "Earlier than thought", "Later than thought" and similar terms are vague but unapologetic admissions of error. They are used in discussions of ancient DNA.

One major problem for those of the deep-time persuasion is that they assume the earth is billions of years old despite frequent evidences to the contrary. It was extremely difficult to get labs to carbon date diamonds because they "knew" there would be no C14. Wrong. Dinosaurs and other creatures "cannot" have soft tissues and discernable DNA. Wrong again. On it goes.

Steppe bison, WikiCom / Robert Pawlicki (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Woolly mammoth DNA shows that they were doing mammoth stuff earlier "than previously thought", as were other critters. Steppe bison —

"I have a steppe bison, Cowboy Bob! My other bison died when I was young."

Moving on from that disturbing interjection, these animals lived in upper latitudes around the world. The discovery that they lived as recently as 400 years ago upsets Darwin's applecart with a 2500 percent error. Most people cannot keep their jobs when they're outrageously wrong like that, but if one is an evolutionary scientist, that makes everything okay.

There are problems with early humans for evolutionists. Again with the DNA, evolutionists are troubled by these folks showing intelligence (as biblical creationists have always said) and doing quite a bit of migration. Although secularists would deny it, this fits with the dispersion at Babel. Other activities of these ancient humans had nothing to do with evolution, but a lot to do with being human.

So many problems result from a faulty worldview, but most secularists cling to their beliefs instead of realizing that they need to cowboy up and get the proper worldview. The earth was created recently, and evidence for universal common ancestor evolution is based more on faith than evidence. You savvy?

Isn’t it fun to watch scientists having to rethink ideas they took for granted but are wrong? Not long ago, it seemed impossible to expect DNA to be found in cave dirt or ice, because DNA was thought to degrade too quickly. In recent years, scientists have been able to recover DNA fragments that are lengthy enough to learn things about animals and humans that once lived in those environments. They’re having to rethink old ideas all right, but should be rethinking them even deeper than they are willing to dig.

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