Climbing Volcanoes for Darwin

Have you ever climbed Ojos del Salado in South America, the highest volcano in the world? Sure, everyone does that. This mountain is high and dry. That is, so arid that glaciers are unable to form. Cold enough for ice fields, yes, but not glaciers.

Some of Darwin's acolytes got a notion to climb up there. It seems that a film crew could have made an interesting documentary about their climb in those harsh conditions, but these researchers were attempting do do sciency stuff. Unfortunately, they had faulty reasoning.

Some of Darwin's acolytes got a notion to climb Ojos del Salado. Ideas based on evolutionary presuppositions and bad logic may benefit real science.
Ojos del Salada, Flickr / serjejf (CC BY-SA 2.0)
One of the errors in logic involved was that since some life forms thrive in extreme conditions, mayhaps a study of microbiology in that environment may help scientists find such life forms on Mars or Jupiter's moon Europa. That's a pretty extreme presupposition, and arrogant to reject the Creator. Even though their purpose will be futile, secular scientists are working for creationists in a way, and their research may be useful in real science instead of evolutionism.
Three scientists from the University of Colorado climbed thousands of feet on a volcano in Argentina in December 2021, enduring strong winds, ice fields like daggers and thin air with high UV radiation levels at almost 21,000 feet for 3 weeks. Their story is told in a press release at CU Boulder Today, 7 March 2022. Photos from the expedition can only hint at the hardships of their exhausting trek for science. Now returned with data that is being analyzed, what were they trying to learn about?

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