Snowball Earth Rescues the Great Unconformity?

Anti-creationists often berate biblical creationists for a "rejection of facts", and the unwillingness to change our minds. Well, we do not have an a priori commitment to materialism. Many of the "facts" we reject are simply stories.

It is common for evolutionists and the uniformitarian geologists who obediently give Darwin billions of years (so he can weave his spell) by using fake science. A just-so story is told, and when it runs into scientific trouble, it can be rescued by more bad science. Such is the case of the Great Unconformity and Snowball Earth.

To rescue bad science storytelling, secularists use additional bad stories. When using Snowball Earth to explain the Great Unconformity, things get truly bizarre. The best explanation of observed evidence is the Genesis Flood.
Combined Flickr images: Snowball Earth by guano and Great Unconformity by brewbrooks (both are CC BY-SA 2.0)

The stories are plausible at first glance, but are loaded expensive words, essentially blinding the public with science jargon. People who use critical thinking as well as honest scientists who are trained in the appropriate areas are not as easily fooled.

Have you seen the part of Monty Python and the Holy grail where a woman was being accused of being a witch? When the accusers were asked how they know she's a witch, one exclaimed, "She turned me into a newt!" Other people just looked at him. He quietly said, "I got better." Secular science explanations of things that do not fit the facts are about as credible as that villager.

The Great Unconformity has been a problem for secular geologists for a mighty long time. It has billions of years missing according to secular reckoning, and they keep trying to explain it. Then there's the Snowball Earth problem involving the age of our blue marble, but it is ridiculous from the get-go. Snowball Earth was presented to explain the Great Unconformity. Then things get truly bizarre. Secularists detest recent creation and the Genesis Flood, but both give far better explanations for observed evidence than those stories.

Uniformitarian scientists often force themselves into an intellectual trap when they must fit their previous assumptions and conclusions into a coherent whole. For instance, the uniformitarian dating of deep-sea cores has led uniformitarians to believe that glacial/interglacial oscillations of the past 900 ka oscillated every 100 ka. This was proposed so they could harmonize the cores with changes in the eccentricity of the earth’s orbit. However, the Milankovitch cycle produces extremely little change in total, hemispheric, or seasonal solar radiation on the earth. But they are stuck with the 100 ka cycle. As a result, uniformitarian, aka secular scientists have been vainly searching for some kind of boosting mechanism for almost 50 years. Another trap for secular scientists is the idea that snowball Earth, part of their pre-Pleistocene ‘ice ages’, somehow carved the Great Unconformity.

To read the rest of this rather technical paper, skate over to "Uniformitarian scientists claim ‘snowball Earth’ caused the Great Unconformity."