Irrational Ethical Treatment of Animals

Sensible people can agree that torturing animals for personal pleasure, as well as having callous disregard for their lives, is wrong. There are individuals and activist groups that campaign for animal rights. However, their positions are inconsistent and irrational.

They have a worldview based on atoms-to-animal evolution. If Darwin's version of evolution were true (survival of the fittest and all that) humans should be able to do what we want. By saying mistreatment is wrong, they violate their worldview. In the Christian worldview, however, caring for creatures makes sense.

Our dear departed Basement Cat.
Basement Cat, Flickr / Cowboy Bob Sorensen (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
It is interesting that vegetarians and vegans use their philosophies as a badge of honor (virtue signaling), and sit in self-appointed judgment of omnivores. To be blunt, they act like cultists (1 Tim. 4:1-5, and see "Vegetarianism Has Become an End-Time Religion", thanks to WHYOutreach for the link). By saying that something is wrong, they are appealing to a higher moral standard. Although the Bible allows meat eating, they are indirectly standing on the biblical worldview for morality!

Christians (especially creationists) believe that God has given us animals for food, and some for pets. This child cried like a child when our beloved Basement Cat had her final illness and had to depart. The taking of pets is a responsibility. Conservation efforts are something that Christians can support. Again, those only makes sense in a biblical worldview, not one based on evolution.

Just to be clear, there are people who prefer to be vegetarians, and many of them are not pretentious about it. In fact, Christian carnivores have no business judging them (Rom. 14:3-4, Col. 2:16).

In addition to chowing down on cow, testing medical things on animals is good despite the bleatings of atheistic animal rights activists. How about diabetes and insulin? That began with animal testing. Should we stop taking it and die to make animal rights radicals happy? Not hardly! It is better to find ways to save human lives than to appease people with incoherent, made up "morality."

During the 2021 baseball World Series, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) issued a press release calling for the baseball world to, “Strike out the word ‘bullpen.’” . . . Should we, like PETA, be against animal testing, even if it can save human lives? Do we need to avoid all animal products in our modern manufacturing supply chains? Are we allowed to eat meat? Where are we supposed to draw the line?

First, let us establish some biblical principles for the ethical treatment of animals. These include the following:

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