The Foolishness of Rail Bird Evolution Claims

Edited 6 May 2022.

Rails (or Rallidae) are a large group of birds found in many areas of the world. Many like marshy areas and forests, and several species are found on islands. It seems like with a name like rail, they would be fond of trains, but it comes from rasle, an Old French word.

The Virginia Rail is found in various places in North America. This, like several other rails, can fly. What gets the attention of the Darwin Death Cult™ is that many island species have lost that ability. Therefore, evolution. Not hardly!

Some rails lost the ability to fly. Therefore, evolution. Darwinists have truly bizarre stories, but the truth involves genetic design by the Creator.
Cropped from Wikimedia Commons / Francesco Veronesi (CC by-SA 2.0)
It is both amusing and confusing that evolutionists consider the loss of a trait evidence for their beliefs. No new genetic information is added, either. Evolution is supposed to be onward and upward, but it is so malleable to explain everything (thereby explaining nothing), even loss affirms evolution. 

The Bearded Buddha hijacked natural selection, originally a concept developed by a creationist, for his own purposes. Natural selection and mutations are given credit for loss of features, then they call that evolution. Stories get...truly bizarre...include how flying rails being blown off islands out to sea, and those that could not fly survived. This ignores the fact that they have neighbors of other birds that can fly.

There's a passel of storytelling and speculation passed off as science, but nothing empirical can be found. Here's what happened: The Master Engineer designed creatures like rails with genetic information to switch on and off, letting them adapt to their lifestyles. Those that live on the ground do it very well. Denying the Creator his due (especially denying his existence) is foolishness.
Change doesn’t happen in only one direction. Many new features and capabilities can be added to a created kind of animal. This is because nothing is really being added to or subtracted from the genetic information. What is happening is radically different from Darwin’s ubiquitous anti-design scenario of random mutations filtered by mystical “selection events.” Molecular biology now informs us that sensors and information already within the organism switch genes on and off—sometimes thousands at a time—based on predetermined limits via epigenetics.

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