Deep Time and Evolutionary Inflation

Believers in atoms-to-archaeologist evolution have long proclaimed that time is one of the heroes of their story, and that given enough time, anything can happen. Their stercoration is largely successful because few people consider probabilities, scientific facts, evolutionists' history of fraudulent and incompetence when handling science, and more.

That word million is casually thrown around, but folks generally disunderstand what it means. We are to be awestruck and fascinated when scientists use of the term millions of years, and that is another way for them to hoodwink the public.

One of the most common tricks of evolutionists is to fascinate the public with millions of years. Deep time is a smoke screen for secularist miracles.
Pixabay / Pete Linforth
Claims of millions of years (unobserved, of course) are a smoke screen to assist materialists when dealing from the bottom of the deck to get a straight flush of secular miracles. Assertions of "it evolved" are shrouded in deep time. If you watch closely, they even stack the deck to gain evolutionary dates they want, even if it means contradicting other evolutionary "facts." Why do you think these sidewinders get on the prod when evidence for recent creation and especially the Genesis Flood are produced? It destroys their mythology of origins!
Many economists today feel that inflation is being caused by indiscriminate spending by the federal government. Huge spending projects in the trillions of dollars get funded by printing more dollars, resulting in too many dollars chasing too few goods and services. . . . Like irresponsible wastrels, Darwinians spend years like they are dirt cheap: ten million here, a hundred million there, pretty soon they’re talking real funny. They think that given enough time, any miracle of evolution they need is bound to occur.

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