Evolutionists Continuing to Tease

Even the hands at the Darwin Ranch (near Deception Pass) know that evolution is not a "proven fact", they leave that assertion to the scientifically ignorant. But they like to make promises like dangling a carrot in front of a horse to keep it moving forward.

Evolution is based on faith. That's right, I said it! Always waiting for the next big thing that might validate their beliefs, secularists believe despite lack of evidence. Lots of smoke and mirrors about mysteries of evolution. In the midst of this, they keep making promises.

Cropped from Pixabay / Dede
Never willing to play the cards they're dealt, they pretend to have winning hands by bluffing and saying insipid things about how facts that contradict evolution shed light on our understanding. Except that evolutionists do not give us any science, just guesses, maybes, speculations, and so on. They pick up those things on the ground behind horses, polish them, and displaying them in the evolutionary turd museum. Sure are desperate to find ways of denying the Creator, aren't they?
There comes a time when one has to realize he or she is being taken for a ride. Most people learn quickly about simple scams like the Nigeria hoax, following parents’ advice that “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” But Darwinian evolution is more sophisticated. Darwinians don’t promise to make you rich; they promise that elusive treasure, “understanding.” Day after day, year after year, decade after decade, they tell us that some new bone or molecule or gene is “shedding light on evolution,” bringing the promised understanding closer and closer. It never comes. The mysteries remain.

It’s time for rational people to get out of the Darwin-mobile and walk on their own two feet. These scammers have abdicated all trust.

Y'all really should read the rest of this, and note how Mr. Coppedge devastates some examples of alleged evolution. This can be found at "Evolution as an Endless Tease."