Insultingly Bad Crow and Raven Evolution Report

Edited 6 May 2022

The family Corvidae (more informally, corvids) includes rooks, magpies, jays, ravens, crows, and several other bird types. My wife and I became interested in (and fond of) blue jays. They sure do love peanuts! My own learning broadened, and I came to appreciate crows, their maligned cousins, as well. 

Here in upstate New York, we have the black American crow. It ranges across the entire continental area of the formerly United States, and a good chuck of Canada. We also get ravens in our area, but because of the overlaps in size and a few similar calls, I don't know if I've seen a raven or not.

Crows, ravens, and other Corvidae were the subject of a report. It used circular reasoning and other bad logic that should insult thinking people.
Crow, Unsplash / Jaime Dantas
Variations of crow types are known worldwide. They have a (mostly) undeserved bad reputation, and are associated with bad tidings and death. You won't see a flock of crows. That grouping is called a murder. (A picture that I find hilarious is of two crows with the caption, "Attempted murder." Someone pointed out that they may have probable caws...) Hanging around graveyards doesn't help their image, but the open spaces and cut grass give them opportunities to find food.

And no, they are not carriers of the West Nile Virus. Birds get sick from it like humans. Perhaps someone could develop a CORVID vaccine at warp speed for them.

Crows are not just consumers of fine cuisine laying in the road. They are opportunists, which also adds to their negative image — especially when someone is predisposed to dislike them anyway. They tend to be very social and work together to fend off dangers, and brave enough to go after birds of prey, which are larger. People can actually make friends with crows and ravens. Probably the other Corvidae as well, but I haven't studied up on that, so you can do it your ownselves.

"What about the insulting evolution stuff, Cowboy Bob?"

Glad you asked, I was about to do that next. What exceptional timing you have!

I enjoyed researching the corvid material, and I recommend Lesley the Bird Nerd's YouTube channel for videos on jays, crows, chickadees, and a passel of other feathered friends.

A paper on corvids was spoiled by homage to Darwin. It was saturated with appeals to evolution and with presuppositions. Essentially, the authors were begging the question (assuming evolution to prove evolution). In addition, they appealed to processes that "remain poorly understood." Well, sure. We have seen many times that evolutionists admit that they don't really understand the object of their worship. But it makes no sense to make proclamations about something when the underlying mechanisms are unknown. Plenty of room for error there, old son.

Also, the fake puny god of natural selection that Darwin contrived was invoked. (It is used metaphorically by many evolutionists, and by Darwin himself, but many go beyond and indicate that is has that has creative powers and decision-making skills.) This is not science. It is blind-faith religious propaganda to foolishly reject the Creator, and a shining example of evoporn. Thinking people can see why the "logic" and "research" are insultingly bad.

Here is your assignment for today: Take the following question and answer:

Q: How did crows and ravens evolve to be so successful around the world?

A: They evolved to be successful because evolution made them successful.

Now, expand this vacuous, meaningless, tautologous, circular, useless explanation into a scientific paper 7,000 words long with 109 references. Add as much jargon as you can. Include some graphs and charts. For extra cred, show some computer models. Could you do it if you had to?

Don’t fret yourself over such a worthless assignment, because six guys from Washington University in St. Louis already showed how to pull it off. One has to wonder if this is one of those fake research papers generated by AI programs that journal editors worry about, because beneath piles of fluff, the thinking is so shallow it beggars belief. Here’s the essence of their “explanation” boiled down to simple statements:

To read the rest, fly over to "Raven Tells Darwin 'Nevermore'." By the way, the lead author of the article in question is an "evolutionary biologist", a field that does not contribute to science but ensures job security for other evolutionary biologists.