Ancient Log Cabins Astonish Evolutionists

Needing to get some thinking done and do it outdoors, I saddled up and took a leisurely ride to nowhere in particular. Eventually I heard the sounds of people working. It turns out I was near the Darwin Ranch, and foreman Rusty Swingset was helping build a log cabin.

We can have discussions and part friendly, so we talked about notches that makes cabin building more efficient. I was surprised that he had not heard about the "Lincoln Logs" structure dated just under allegedly half a million years old. He grew pale.

An ancient wooden structure with notches reminiscent of Lincoln Logs is causing problems for evolutionists in many areas.
Lincoln Logs, Flickr / Carissa Rogers (CC BY 2.0)
Keep in mind that the story has ancient humans mostly evolved, but they were still stupid. Consciousness itself had not evolved — and secularists cannot explain how it supposedly did. Ancient artifacts and evidence of genius frustrates Darwin's disciples; consider the Antikythera mechanism and the Zhang Heng seismoscope as just two of many items. Biblical creationists know that man was created, not evolved. Consciousness and intelligence were included in the package.

This log cabin situation presents several problems for evolutionists. They have their classification system for ancient humans both real and imagined. Since evidence keeps cropping up that apelike ancestors are nothing but apes, and ancient people were more human than Darwinists thought, some are classified as "pre-humans." I reckon it's more important to protect the evolution narrative than to realize that it is fundamentally flawed.

These ancient folks were using notches in wood — not only is such skill too advanced to please Papa Darwin, they had to know how to make the requisite tools. And why does that wood still exist? Mayhaps the same evolutionary magic that makes soft tissues in dinosaurs and such last supposed millions of years also kept the remnants of this structure intact for such a long time. There is secular magic in dating methods, but this failed big time.

There is also a serious problem with geology in this.

I could almost hear the wheels turning in Rusty's head as he pondered the implications. It was probably when he realized the problems for deep time that he lit a shuck out of there. Too bad these folks refuse to question evolution and realize that they're kicking against the goads. Evidence consistently shows creation, not evolution, and that the creation was recent.
To one researcher, wooden structures uncovered in Zambia look like toy Lincoln Logs—wood planks shaped to fit together at right angles into a structure. Are they really 476,000 years old, a hundred thousand Darwin Years before Homo sapiens supposedly evolved?

There are two major problems for evolutionists in this story. One is the intelligence of the makers, who were not supposed to be fully human yet. The other is the dating: how could wooden logs be as old as claimed?

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