Chewing is Something Darwin Cannot Swallow

A few days ago I hurt my leg, and Stevia Dolce, the baker from the Darwin Ranch came all the way down from Deception Pass to bring me some croissants and things. Those galoots have their origins stories all twisted, but they sure do eat well.

Stevia had been having doubts about evolution, but instead of risking her job by asking questions that challenge their worldview, she saves her questions for other creationists and me. So I told her I would sit there masticating while she talked.

Golden retriever chewing, Pexels / Barnabas Davoti
Stevia stopped speaking and stared at me. I gave a short laugh and said it's the expensive word for chewing. It doesn't seem to be used outside medical, academic, and scientific circles. She mock-pouted, saying, "I came here with a list of things to talk about, now we got us a new one." It all came about because of an article I had just read.

Here's a bonus that's not in the article: Digestion begins with chewing, and saliva has enzymes to begin breaking food down so it can be used. Fact its, evolutionists are baffled by the whole thing, from that first bite to the ejection of waste.

They do not have any idea where the mouth came from. Sure, they have Just-So Stories for so many things when using the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™, some of those stories seem plausible at first glance. Here? Nuffin. A related piece is worth a giggle about how fire made chewing easier, so early humans could develop their brains.

Except on the cellular level, most living things have mouths and use them for food intake. Chewing and swallowing (as well as the rest of the system) not only defy evolution, but the specified complexity clearly indicates the Master Engineer's handiwork. Everything has to be in place at the same time and fully functional, otherwise nothing works or makes sense.

This paper evaluates the evidence for the evolution of animal food intake systems. The simplest system is endocytosis and the next complex system is swallowing food whole. Lastly is the most complex system that involved chewing food to break it up into smaller, more easily swallowed, pieces. No fossil or other evidence of this critical evolutionary progression claim has been documented in the relevant literature. Nor have plausible just-so stories have been presented to outline probable evolutionary steps. The most reasonable scenario, given the extant evidence, is ex-nihilo (creation from nothing) creation.

 Actually, this article was more interesting than I expected. Some of it is a mite technical, but don't let that scare y'all off. To continue reading, grab a croissant and head on over to "Chewing and Swallowing: Examining the Complex Design of These Coordinated Systems."