A Dinosaur Studies Reformation

While a passel of people are celebrating fear, death, and evil on Halloween, many Christians take note of October 31 as Reformation Day. That is when German priest used the social media of his day, nailing 95 theses to the Wittenberg door.

Most movements and revolutions do not happen overnight, and a kind of dinosaur reformation is happening in paleontology right now. I have said that evolutionists are working for creationists, since they are well-heeled but we can analyze their claims — including those about dinosaurs and such.

Evolutionary paleontology had a dinosaur Renaissance. New discoveries are causing a kind of dinosaur Reformation, especially in creation science.
Dinosaur nailing scroll to wooden door made with Bing AI
The secular science industry has been making pronouncements in its authority that do not comport with science and logic, using dinosaurs as evolutionary propaganda. Biblical creationists and others look at their assertions, compare them with evidence, and frequently find them lacking. In addition, there is new research that is mighty difficult for secularists to ignore or suppress — even in their own ranks. This dinosaur reformation is also having an impact on creation science apologetics in several significant ways.
The Dinosaur Renaissance was a movement in evolutionary dinosaur paleontology that began in the 1960s following revolutionary discoveries and ideas. This movement has caused a significant shift in science and popular culture. No longer are dinosaurs seen as slow evolutionary failures, but as dynamic evolutionary successes. I believe that biblical creationists are now beginning a new revolutionary movement in dinosaur paleontology: the Dinosaur Reformation.

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Dinosaur fossils were viewed as ancient relics from ‘deep time’. They were believed to have existed before man, and, if still believed in at all, before the Flood described in Genesis. Two centuries later, the modern evolutionary interpretation of dinosaur fossils has removed the history recorded in Genesis entirely. Sadly, many Christians have yielded to this evolutionary worldview.

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