Scrying Chimpanzee Grunts for Language Evolution

The very existence of language testifies of the Creator. Study on it. It takes a brain to hear and make sense of incoming sounds, then to use a person's speech hardware to give an intelligible response. There are also non-verbal signals used to communicate.

The smell of desperation is in the air. Some Darwinoids got a notion to throw out all the complexities of language (and reject rational thought) because of evolutionary presuppositions. These folks are saying that grunts from chimpanzees correlate to how human language evolved.

Wicked Witch Darwin and monkey scrying a chimp, modified from a graphic by Why?Outreach
Remember the experiment of attempting to raise a human child with a young chimpanzee? That failed. Yet their grunts are supposedly the precursors of human language and give clues to its development. Not hardly! Was scrying (crystal gazing, etc.) a part of their scientific process?

Interesting that our alleged evolutionary cousins have had supposedly millions of years to make those grunts into language, but you still wouldn't want one answering the phone and taking a message about your lab results. Try as they might, Darwin's acolytes cannot make their assumptions about evolution withstand reason.
It’s true that many people speak without thinking. That aphorism, however, signals that people should think before they speak. The language may vary between English, Japanese, Armenian, Latin, or Sanskrit, but the uniquely human capacity for language begins with thought, not with vocalization. That’s why humans can communicate without vocalizing: by typing, hand signaling, and even whistling. Semantics precedes vocalization. Concepts, William Dembski writes in Being as Communion, are “multiply realizable.” The same sentence “I Love You” can be communicated in beach sand, in skywriting, electronically through space by email, in Morse Code with lights, or in any one of the 7,000+ known human languages. Humans can invent new words for new concepts. By thoughtful consideration, geneticists might decide that “transposon” means a genetic element that can move around in a genome. The idea preceded the concoction of the word.
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