Charles Darwin and the White Supremacists

Something that many of totalitarian dictators and even mass murderers of the last 150 years or so is holding to belief in Darwinism. Evolution is not just a theory for academics to discuss and for ordinary people to accept because they said so. Instead, it is a worldview used to interpret science and morality.

Unfortunately, white supremacy will never go away. Those sidewinders are known for despising people with darker skin, but they have particular venom for Jews. Leftists label many people as "far right" including white nationalists, but leftists as well as alleged Conservatives were joining in with hatred for Jews.

A strange uniting of Darwin-worshiping white supremacists and Hamas join together in hating the Jews. If Darwin were right, they cannot be condemned.
People worshiping statue of Darwin, made by AI at Bing
Although the Intelligent Design people wrongly want to keep God out of the discussions, an article makes a point — which is often made by presuppositional apologists. That is, if Darwinism is right, nobody can condemn Hamas for attacking the Jews. When atheists say that something is morally wrong, they are being inconsistent with their atheism because they are appealing to a higher standard, which is God's moral law. They cannot condemn Hamas, nor can anyone else, if Darwinism is true. I give a qualified recommendation and suggest you read "From Hamas, a Moment of Clarity about Darwinism and More." Similarly, if Darwinism is right, who is to say that white supremacy is wicked?

Darwin's version of natural selection, and the alleged struggle for existence, were used by wicked people (of all skin shades) to justify hating others. Some say it is wrong to link Darwin to racism, but that is ludicrous because he has very racist remarks in his books.

More than that, his racism shaped his version of evolutionism. (Indeed, Darwinian ideas led to "scientific racism.") Feral atheists and others hate God and biblical Christianity (not Christianity in name only, or redefined to suit someone's agenda), and many believe in using violence to achieve their ends; they have no desire for Jesus. Creation is anathema to them. That may partially explain how white people pretending to have conservative values can join in hating Jews with Hamas.
Lately the world has seen the vitriolic hate of radical Muslims that motivated, on October 7, the worst atrocities against Jews since the Holocaust. Some supporters around the world joined in the hate, some chanting “gas the Jews!” at a public gathering in Australia. It’s hard to believe that less than a century since Hitler systematically murdered 6 million Jews that so many people have not memorized a different chant, “Never again.” What kinds of worldviews motivate this level of hate, to the extent that devotees of the belief system would be willing to murder millions?

Radical Islam is one, but there’s another with a brutal track record: Darwinism. Genocides by social Darwinists and communists who based their politics on his worldview are well known. Some of its most vicious modern disciples might surprise many: the white supremacists and neo-Nazis. These are sometimes viewed as members of the “far right” politically, but their true colors are as bloody as the communists on the left, potentially worse.

You would do well to keep reading. To do this, see "White Supremacists Adore Darwin."