Dragons and an Ancient Seismoscope

When we learn about the genius of ancient humans, most people probably find examples of it mighty interesting. Darwin's disciples who are consistent with their beliefs find these things problematic. Why? The evolutionary paradigm. We evolved some something apelike and stupid, so there should not have been time for intelligence to evolve as well.

Check those streaming services for ancient inventions programs. Also, there is that Antikythera device that was discovered on a Roman ship. These and other artifacts are considered "out of place" by evolutionists. Then there is the Zhang Heng seismoscope.

In evolution, humans were freshly evolved and stupid. Evidence of genius such as an ancient seismoscope, trouble them. Then the dragons of history...
Zhang Cheng seismoscope, cropped from WikiComm / Thank you for visiting my page (yes, really) (CC BY 2.0)
Seismo...seismic...earthquake... What may be Zhang Cheng's greatest invention is the seismoscope. It was able to detect distant earthquakes and report their direction with the help of dragons. Well, images.

Some folks may think that dragons are the pet animal of China since they are frequently represented in Chinese art and such. Keep in mind that despite the nay-saying of deep-time evolutionists, there is a great deal of historical evidence that dinosaurs (as well as those flying and aquatic beasties) existed alongside humans. Further, they were usually called dragons until they were removed from the land of the living and relegated to history — then to myths and legends. As for ancient human brilliance...of course. Our ancestors were created in the image of God, and created recently. Problem solved. You're welcome.
Invented in the second century AD, the Zhang Heng seismometer (more accurately ‘seismoscope’, as it didn’t make a time record of the earth-shaking it detected) represented a significant scientific development of that day. It was almost lost to Chinese history and is only known from historical records and later reconstructions based on these.

This seismoscope, designed to detect when an earthquake had occurred and from what direction, was invented by Zhang Heng (AD 78–139). He was a Chinese polymath and statesman who lived during the Eastern Han Dynasty (AD 25–220). His breadth of achievement was extraordinary; a royal astronomer, distinguished cartographer, mathematician, poet, painter, and inventor. Zhang Heng has been referred to as the “da Vinci of ancient China.” He designed and built many original scientific instruments, timepieces, and calendars, and improved others. But his seismoscope is the most famous.

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