The Farce of Evolutionary Medicine

Darwinists dutifully repeat the title of an essay by Theodosius Dobzhansky that "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution," then smile smugly as if they cited a creation-destroying maxim. Actually, evolution is scarce in college textbooks in life sciences. It is useless when it is not harmful in medicine. As I mentioned elsewhere, nobody consulted or referenced the Darwin oracle during my extended stay in the hospital. At least, not in my presence or to discuss my treatment plan. 

There is a push to develop medical science from an evolutionary view. This has done much harm in the past, and new efforts are useless or irrational, even falsely referring to operational science as evolution.
Darwin spirit and medical science modified from a photograph at Pixnio
It's a good thing evolution is scarce in textbooks considering all the harm that evolutionary thinking has produced in medical science. For example, the vestigial organs concept has been refuted. Using faulty presuppositions, evolutionists stifled research because they declared large portions of DNA to be "junk." Don't forget the risible thinking that heart problems exist because of our faulty evolution from fish!

But their spiritual blindness affects their cognition, and it's important to not learn from their track record, nosiree! They presuppose evolution, so we are animals.

Hey, why not compare humans to animals, use selective citing, and even change definitions so we can justify homosexuality in humans? There's the ticket!

They are also applying evolutionary thinking to cancer cell cluster and therapies. They want adaptive therapy used — which has nothing to do with evolution and everything to  do with operational science! Darwin gets a medal just for showing up and standing there. Similarly, when discussing bacterial resistance, they are using evolution incorrectly. If these jaspers realized that we have a Creator and nothing is junk or vestigial (and if they were honest about evolution), things would be a great deal better in medical science.

Most modern medical research focuses on the physical, chemical, and psychological causes of disease. Conversely, evolutionary medicine attempts to understand “why we might have evolved to be susceptible to [disease] conditions in the first place, and how we can use evolution to fight them.” Also known as Darwinian medicine, this theory applies evolutionary theory to questions about human health and disease.

The phrase “why we might have evolved” admits that evolutionary medicine is based on speculation and guesswork. It is far more productive to focus on what causes certain diseases, how they can be prevented, and how they can be treated. Likewise, attempting to guess how we can use evolution to fight disease moves us into speculation and away from empirical analysis. To support this conclusion is the goal of this review.

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