Plants Beneath Greenland Ice Sheet, and the Genesis Flood

Although this subject was discussed in one of the posts on "Plants Under Ice Fluster Evolutionists," there are additional details that should be considered. Also, the technical parts will appeal to some people while the rest of us read around those and learn something anyway.

Believers in deep time think that drilled ice cores provide evidence for millions of years, but there are problems that are not brought to the table. Including faulty logic. Consider that they act as if evidence can be interpreted in their favor, they win. In this case, if one strips off the presuppositions that hang on evidence like barnacles, it points to the Genesis Flood!

An old ice core in Greenland was rediscovered and examined. Secularists use faulty reasoning to conclude deep time and global warming, but evidence backs the Genesis Flood instead.
Greenland ice sheet, Wikimedia Commons / Eric Gaba (CC BY-SA 3.0)
There is ice, and plants under the ice. Secularists are surprised because they believe in multiple ice ages, each conveniently destroying evidence of the last so all they have is interpretations of marine sediments. When ice core data like this and others are interpreted through creation science Genesis Flood models, things make a great deal more sense.

Also, dutiful secularists support global warming hysteria by presenting their views, putting on funny hats, and running through the auditorium screaming, "We're all gonna die!" Or something like that.
The oxygen isotope ratio, roughly proportional to temperature,14 in the six deep ice cores on Greenland Ice Sheet shows only one Ice Age, as posited by the biblical worldview. . . .

One ice age is also shown in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet cores. . . . the first four wiggles from the bottom of Dome C are unimpressive, and the oscillations were simply ‘dated’ by comparing oxygen isotope oscillations in deep-sea cores, which were ‘dated’ assuming the Milankovitch mechanism for multiple ice ages. The East Antarctic dates, as well as the deep-sea core dates, are based on circular reasoning.

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