Cosmologists Dancing in the Dark Energy and Matter

There is a common amazed joke about how forecasters can claim to predict climatic conditions decades in the future, but are wrong about the weather three days hence — and still keep their jobs. What is baffling to this child is how believers in cosmic and other forms of evolution can also be wrong so much and still be employed.

Dark matter is supposed to comprise most of the universe, but its existence is occasionally inferred. In 2006, it was alleged is was proven, but that was not so. No real evidence has been found for dark matter and dark energy, but cosmologists still get paid.

Secular physicists and cosmologists have been searching for years for dark matter and dark energy. They keep going, and dance with joy, pretending defeat is good news.
Peasants dancing image from Library of Congress, background removed, modified, public domain
So many years after each of the darks has been alleged to exist, efforts to find anything substantial have failed. Cosmic evolutionists are dancing around the problems by claiming to be excited about their deficiencies (something we have often seen from biological evolutionists), and dancing with joy because they are still paid. They need to face it: There was no Big Bang, there is no deep time, there is no fish-to-fool evolution, there is no evidence for the darks. Instead, there is a Creator and each of us is accountable to him.
We’ve been following the “dark” subjects in cosmology for many years now. Mainstream cosmologists believe that we only know about 5% of what exists: the matter that gives off light. 95% of reality, they insist, is out there but totally unknown.

In past articles, we have likened their ongoing search for dark matter and dark energy to a snipe hunt (19 Dec 2015). Since birds named snipe do exist, serious snipe hunters can hold out hope that their search is not a practical joke but might lead to something real. Trouble is, things have not been going well for mainstream cosmology lately (7 Aug 2023).

Like snipe hunters, cosmologists think that if they find more places where dark matter is not, they are getting warmer! Watch how they stay excited by non-detections.

Read the accounts at "Physicists Love the Dark." Mayhaps I'm wrong, but John 3:19-21 comes to mind.