Biomimetics and Hummingbird Wing Motions

Biomimetics (or biomimicry) is an amazing area where scientists study abilities the Master Engineer has provided to creatures, then copying them for human use. Of course, secularists do not thank God for what they have learned. Hummingbirds are the subject of this study.

One in particular lives on the left coast of North America, mostly in the formerly United States but also a bit north and south of what passes for its borders. Anna's hummingbird is an amazingly agile critter  the size of a table tennis ball, with an upper weight of 5.7 grams (0.2 ounces).

Anna's hummingbird, Flickr / USFWS, Robert McMorran (CC BY 2.0)
Because of their unique wing motions, Anna's hummingbirds navigate small openings that other birds could not even consider: They can keep flapping. Studies of this bird are being conducted for possible use in small aerial vehicles.

The fossil record shows that there has been no appreciable change in hummingbirds in all those Darwin years (like other creatures that frustrate evolutionists), and this child lacks belief in explanations of how hummingbirds supposedly evolved. No, it makes far more sense to admit that they are the product of the Creator.
These specialists, which include the smallest bird in the world, can navigate efficiently with their long, saber-like wings. In fact, “the fast turns of hummingbirds have inspired a massive motion-tracking study of the birds’ flight maneuvers,” stated science writer Susan Milius of Science News. She went on to report,

. . .

Additional investigations have recently revealed that an Anna’s hummingbird is able to navigate effortlessly and swiftly through an intricate maze of complex environments with bilaterally asymmetric wing motions

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