Evolutionary Racism and the Tasmanian Genocide

Many evolutionists become incensed when the racism inherent in their belief system is discussed, although some scientists are finally admitting this fact. Charles Darwin's Victorian myth of evolution had white English males as the pinnacle of evolution, but women were inferior.

Creationists are sometimes accused of blaming Darwin for racism although it had already existed for millennia. True, but justifying racism with evolution has existed before Darwin (he did not create evolution), and it increased tremendously after his version of evolution. This is demonstrated in the horrific genocide of the Tasmanian people.

Evolutionists do not like hearing about racism before and after Darwin. Such racism is evident in the genocide of aboriginal Tasmanians.
Group of natives of Tasmania, Wikimedia Commons / Robert Hawker Dowling, 1859 (public domain)
Perceived as an unevolved nonhuman race, European settlers murdered Tasmanians and rounded them up for relocation. Skeletons and body parts were put in collections, both private and in museums. (Tasmanian women were raped, showing the inconsistency of the invaders, who did not seem to rape "other animals.") It is thought that the last full-blooded Tasmanian died in 1876, but there are descendants with Tasmanian and European ancestry today.

While evolutionary thinking harmed morality and racism instead of improving them, Christian missionaries thought Tasmanians needed to hear the gospel. Barbarism and animalistic behavior on the part of the supposedly evolved Europeans is unlikely to have happened if people realized that there is only one race, created by God.
The story of the complete extermination of the native peoples of Tasmania in the late 1800s is a well-documented example of one of the many negative results of pre-and post-Darwin racist evolutionary theories.

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Until the British arrived, the native Tasmanians had virtually no contact with other humans for thousands of years. When the British arrived an estimated 4,000 indigenous were a highly isolated population of about seventy tribes and five language groups.

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