Creation and Poisonous Plants

The other day, I saw a graphic called First Day in Heaven that was meant to portray someone joyfully embracing Jesus upon their arrival. I said that this is how I pictured it with my beloved wife. Someone replied that she will greet me with open arms again. A vile atheist chided that person for "lying" to me. Aside from having the decency to let me have my comfort even though he rejects the truth of the gospel, he was assuming that there is no Heaven, so we are wrong — or lying. Because atheism.

This is similar to how atheists and evolutionists call on biblical creationists to explain our views on things, yet they often assume we are wrong or lying and will not listen to us. That is not the way to have an intelligent discussion. How can some poisonous plants be a part of God's original very good creation from a creationist perspective? Both skeptics and many Christians want to know.

Sosnowsky’s hogweed, Wikimedia Commons / Krzysztof Ziarnek (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Creationists are challenged to explain how bad things came about in the first place. We need to work on a good explanation for the evolution-defying brood parasitism. There are unpleasant plants that need explanation, too.

For example, in the Caucuses and spreading into Poland is Sosnowsky’s hogweed. It's quite tall and kind of attractive. Keep your mitts off it if'n you know what's good for you, because that plant isn't. And yet, this and other poisons found in nature can actually beneficial. (In toxicology, the dosage is the key.) After the sin of Adam and Eve, all of creation was affected. Creation scientists attempt to answer those "when and how" questions from a biblical perspective.
Like all sciences, creation science has unanswered questions. This is why we are called the Institute for Creation Research—not the Institute for Creation Answers. Specifically, there are still some questions regarding the origin of predation, pathogens, poisonous plants, and parasites.

In regard to predation, a creation biologist stated,

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