The Fading of the Alleged Fact of Evolution

As discussed here several times before, a movement, revolution, or other large effect on a society seldom spontaneously generates. Mayhaps you have heard how something was "ahead of its time" or the world was not ready for it. Conditions were not right for that thing.

Other sweeping changes occur, leaving people wondering how they took root. Slowly. Charles Darwin is treated like a brilliant scientist for creating evolution, but that is the opposite of the truth. The conditions in Victorian England were right for his conjectures, and the prominent Huxleys helped him out.

The Darwinian version of evolution took root because several conditions were in place. Now there are doubts about his work and even evolution itself.
Darwin caricature, 1871, Vanity Fair, modified at
At the time of Darwin and even before, people were becoming more blatantly rebellious to God and disrespectful to the Bible. (Interestingly, the only degree that Charlie earned was in theology, which lends credence to the suggestion that he lifted the biblical creation narrative and was making a naturalistic religious text!) Many factors came together so that his version of evolution could flourish.

Today, there is increasing doubt about Darwin's work and even evolution itself in some circles. Remember, teleology (purpose) is forbidden in orthodox evolutionism, but it is being suggested of late. Since atheism fails, those in the secular science industry should remove the blinders and admit that many time, the evidence they examine clearly indicates that the Creator was involved.

The article that I am sending you to is by Neil Thomas, writing for the website of the Discovery Institute (the Intelligent Design movement). He is obviously brilliant, but is a professing agnostic. I am asking readers to pray for his salvation. Indeed, I have seen hints in his writing that the Lord is working in his life.
A sense of alienation from the Anglican creed had been a growing trend in British public life long before Darwin arrived on the scene and this was doubtless a factor which gave him some advantage in presenting his naturalistic magnum opus to the British reading public in 1859. Precisely why the empirically unsubstantiated Origin of Species was given such an easy “pass” by later Victorians and their successors is suggestively documented in Church historian David Newsome’s classic, The Victorian World Picture (London: Fontana, 1997).

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