Recapitulating the Pronephros Zombie

Denizens of depths of the the secular science industry keep trying to buffalo the public into believing that Charles Darwin was right, and that there is no Creator — or that he is a bungler if indeed he does exist. It is in their best interests to deny, ignore, or downplay facts against evolution. Grant money.

Atheists and other evolutionists also promote outdated and false information. Although vestigial organs (also called vestigial structures, rudimentary, or useless) were used to validate evolution, they have been debunked. Yet Darwin's disciples continue to zombify them.

After I took this picture* in Rosendale, it did not go well, as you see.
One way of making a zombie out of the vestigial organ nonsense is to keep acting like it is a valid argument. It came about in the first place because those in medical science did not understand the functions of the organs, so they argued from ignorance and presupposed evolution (circular reasoning). Also, the fake drawings of Ernst Haeckel the Jackal were used for inspiration. I lack belief that so many people are ignorant of the fact that organs that were once considered leftovers from evolution are actually useful. It's who they are and what they do.

Another way of making zombies out of vestigial organs is to use the scientific principle of Making Things Up™. The pronephros is supposedly a structure that appears before the kidney in evolution, and has been seen in fish. Pay attention: In fish. We supposedly evolved from them. There is medical literature that contains drawings of this supposedly short-term thing, and everyone believed the pronephros was real. (The only photographs I saw were in fish, not humans.) The story they built up for evolution did not hold water. Now there is doubt that this zombie evolutionary thing may have never existed in humans; it was fake news!

Evolutionists have created a narrative about this structure, arguing that the basic architecture of a nephron shows that it is one of the best examples of evolutionarily conserved structures in the vertebrate kingdom. It served in the past, they say, as a primitive kidney early in evolution, but progressively became more vestigial as life evolved into higher forms of vertebrates. It has been advertised as a classic vestigial organ: useful in our evolutionary past, but reduced to a largely useless structure now. In modern life-forms, the pronephros is a mere vestige of its former incarnation, retained by evolutionary history.

You can read it all by mounting up and riding over to "Zombie Vestigial Organ Argument Arises." Remember, we need to keep the pressure on Darwin's disciples. If evolution were true, it would not need to be propped up with bad science and dishonesty!

*Approaching Zombie, Rosendale train bridge thing picture by Cowboy Bob Sorensen, zombie taken from Pixabay / Vika_Glitter