Dancing with Space Aliens in the Pale Moonlight

The other day, Lisa Myworries, the Winkie Guards supervisor from the Darwin Ranch, stopped by my place to discuss some Darwin doubts that she dared not say at work. At one point, she blurted that there were so many stars, there just had to be other planets with life on them. Then she suddenly asked, "So where are they?"

Darwin's disciples are dancing with space aliens in the pale moonlight, it is important to prop up Charlie's Victorian myth. All of alien speculation is based on naturalistic presuppositions and assumptions.

Darwin dancing with space alien in pale moonlight, made at Bing AI, edited at cleanup.pictures
What Lisa was doing was expressing a common thought: Space is so big, it simply must have intelligent life out yonder. (Many Christians think the Creator did not stop with us, but that idea is theologically unsound.) In addition, she indirectly brought in the Fermi Paradox.

One big reason for secularists to want to find extraterrestrials is that they think alien existence would support evolution. Since abiogenesis (chemical evolution, life from non-life) is impossible here, it must have happened out there. Mayhaps they seeded life on other planets, possibly even Earth.

With assumed deep time and evolution, secularists are frustrated that after all this searching for ETs, they are dancing for nothing. They need to cowboy up and see that the evidence contravenes the Big Bang, aliens, and evolution. Instead, it supports recent creation.

In the 1950s, Nobel prizewinner and pioneer of atomic energy, Enrico Fermi, while working at Los Alamos nuclear facility in New Mexico, raised some straightforward questions: Are we the only technologically advanced civilization in the universe, and if we are not, then where are they? Why haven’t we seen any traces of extraterrestrial life such as probes or transmissions? Why haven’t we found their artifacts on Earth or in our solar system?

I suggest you finish reading the article, and keep an eye out for the many assumptions that evolutionists make regarding extraterrestrial life. To do so, visit "The Fermi Paradox."