Fossils Still Unchanged After All These Years

According to descent with modifications evolution, it took millions of years according to secular deep time opinions for the life forms that exist today to emerge. There are billions of fossils buried in rock layers that were laid down by water all over the globe.

Evidence of critters changing into other critters should be abundant, but they are not. Instead, evolutionists fight hard to validate the few possible transitional forms they claim to have. There is another big problem: Fossils show no appreciable change over all those years.

Source image furnished by Why?Outreach, sturgeon image added
When something has not changed, Darwin's acolytes call it "stasis." That is, the creature was fine the way it was, so it never needed to evolve. (This rescuing device is used regarding organisms living today that are unchanged, known as living fossils.) Yet they also present evolution as a kind of irresistible force that's always at work. To say that so many things didn't need to evolve, the earth didn't have weather and earthquakes, other predators didn't make the scene, and all sorts of other possibilities did not happen — oh, please!

If evolutionists were able to be honest and ask some important questions, they might realize that the evidence shows recent creation, not excuse-riddled Darwinist speculations. You savvy that, Hoss? This article shows several creatures where the parts that needed to evolve are working, "stasis" or not. I recommend that you read "More Fossils Show Stasis, Not Evolution."