Paradigm Shifts in the Life Sciences?

Secular scientists, especially believers in descent with modifications evolution, work from a framework of materialism. They rule out even the possibility of a Creator or of any purpose in life. Of course, having such a priori presuppositions handcuffs them to the radiator so they cannot work more effectively.

Evolution is not supposed to have any sort of teleology. Any appearance of design is just an illusion, secularists must keep telling themselves that because design means a Designer. But reference to purpose does get put into evolutionary materials.

Secular scientists in life sciences and evolution are changing their views. Some are admitting to purpose, even seeing intelligence at the cell level.
Dental stem cells, Flickr / NIH-NIDCR (public domain)
There are discussions about intelligence all the way down to the cellular level. Although there is opposition to seeing purpose and design, if those in the secular science industry should actually "follow where the evidence leads" instead of simply giving lip service to that saying. It would also be a great benefit to medical and other life sciences.

Then they may be released from their handcuffs and see that the truth is there is indeed a Creator. That is not an appeal to metaphysics so much as a logical conclusion based on the evidence. It's a start.
One often answers this question [What Is the Essence of Life?] by characterizing living organisms with attributes such as reproduction, metabolism, interacting with their environment, or even the processing of information. Insights into the complex biomolecular machinery within living cells that allow them to perform these functions have exploded exponentially in recent years. Despite these advances, the truth about the essence of life continues to elude any approach that ignores metaphysical aspects manifest in even the simplest biological forms.

The signs of a paradigm shift towards a teleological view of life have emerged even within the mainstream academy. As Mind Matters News explains:

Although this is from an Intelligent Design site and not biblical creation science, the author presents some things that can be pondered. Take a look at "What is the Essence of Life?"