Insultingly Stupid Paper on Evolution, Fermentation, and Bigger Brains

It is well known in these parts that many of the hands at the Darwin Ranch add peyote buttons to their religious rituals. It is just after readings from God is not Real but I Hate Him Anyway by Riekert Darkens. Sometimes the noisy celebrations can be heard all the way to Stinking Lake.

No word if scientists in the secular science industry ingested peyote or fermented beverages in the writing of an insultingly stupid paper. Apparently, these jaspers think that fermentation technology was important in our evolutionary ancestors getting bigger brains.

Neanderthal man drinking whisky, made with AI at NightCafé
It amazes this child that disregarding important details and using bad logic do not result in scientists like these filing for unemployment. They do not question evolution in the first place, but assume it to prove it (circular reasoning). Some physiological effects of fermented products on "hominids" to grow bigger brains. As is too often the case, not a shred of evidence supporting this peer-reviewed paper is to be had. I daresay that foolishness like this is a result of unrighteously suppressing the truth about God.
A Neanderthal walked into the Hominid Bar, and ordered the usual. A Homo erectus couple looked at him and asked, “Why the big brain?” He responded, “It’s some juice I cooked up called Darwine. You should try it. You’ll evolve faster and discover rationality.”

A joke like that is deserving for three authors of a new just-so story, How the Human Got Its Big Brain. Believe it or not, the Darwine-drunk evolutionists sent a new theory up the flagpole to see if anybody salutes: “Fermentation technology as a driver of human brain expansion.” Another word for “fermentation technology” is moonshining: the making of rotgut home brew, mountain dew, white lightning. Oh, but they will complain, by “fermented” we also mean cheese, yogurt and Bud Light. Sure. We all know what they really mean: drunk people are the brainy ones.

The rest can be found at "Drunk Theory of the Brain Proposed."