Materialists Unintentionally Appeal to God for Honesty

Regular readers may notice that certain things are repeated here, but it is necessary. Those things may also benefit new readers. Atoms-to-author evolution is not just a discussion for scientists, it is a worldview that permeates many areas of life.

Since scientists are not the paragons of virtue that people seem to believe, fraud and trickery have been utilized in science for many years. Fake research papers are becoming more frequent, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence. The secular science industry says bad things are happening.

Late autumn bleak view from a mountain in Ulster County, NY, photo by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

For the most part, secular scientists are materialists. That is, nothing exists except atoms, molecules, and all that good stuff. They have no room for God in their worldview. How can they complain about right and wrong when the Author of those things is rejected out of hand? It doesn't make sense, Stanley. They cannot even say why something is wrong, other than it offends their sensibilities.

Cowboy up and face it: Plagiarists and other cheaters are doing what comes naturally in evolutionary thinking. To be published means more respect and money — it helps the fittest to survive better. When those who have no consistent moral foundation say that something is right or wrong, they are appealing to God, the ultimate standard. In addition, when they use logic, they are using something God gave mankind. God makes science itself possible because the laws are consistent (Hebrews 1:3).

Another fact to study on is that logic and morality, like God, are not material things. We can see that evolutionists and other materialists are contradicting themselves because materialism is an unlivable, self-refuting worldview. They need to repent and come to the source of all things, both the universe and the laws that govern it. Then morality and complaints about fake papers would make sense.
Big Science long ago rejected the Bible. Even before Darwin, the humanistic trend in science was strong. The “Enlightenment” disdained Biblical authority. By the late 18th century, philosophers and naturalists like Comte du Buffon were portraying an eternal, evolving universe, where life emerged on a vastly old Earth by the Stuff Happens Law, with no providence or divine supervision. ‘Who needs a divine father figure to tell us what to do?’, the materialists mocked. ‘And which god do you propose we listen to—Zeus, or Mithra, or Marduk? Ha! Away with such myths. We’ll figure out how the world works ourselves. And we’ll do it better, without divine commandments.’

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