Building the Myth of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin has been long portrayed as a great scientist, and his brilliant observations led to insightful theories that changed the world. It has been rightly observed that he is adored above scientists who have actually contributed something for the betterment of humanity.

Atheists and evolutionists often become angry when people make parodies or satirize Darwin, and especially when people point out how evolution increased racism. Telling the truth about a man that secularists treat like a religious icon is a serious offense to them.

Charles Darwin, street hobo with guitar, AI generated at Img2Go
His version of natural selection as a creative force was not accepted by the scientific community at first. Papa Darwin promised to provide support for the material he published, but that did not happen. Could the fact that he never had formal scientific training have anything to do with it? He got by with a little help from his friends and did not end up being a hobo playing guitar for spare change from kind hearted passers-by. Now he is revered for his "wonderful discovery" (which was an update of ancient pagan beliefs). You know why as well as I do: It was an excuse to explain the existence of life without God the Creator.

The article linked below stands on its own, but it is also an endorsement for a new book. This book is on my want list, and it discusses how Charlie had all sorts of material ready but never attempted to publish. There are good reasons for that.

Dr Robert Shedinger’s new book Darwin's Bluff[: The Mystery of the Book Darwin Never Finished] quotes the initial reviews of the Origin, showing that the most eminent scientists in the mid 19th century, who were much more knowledgeable about science than Darwin (whose only degree was in theology), noticed an atrocious lack of evidence for his audacious claims. They complained that his book fell far short of the high standards expected for a scientific work. Several laughed out loud at what they considered absurd speculations—such as his notion that bears swimming after fish evolved bigger mouths until they turned into whales. No kidding.

Read and be amazed by going to "Darwin Was a Loser Before He Was Recast as a Legend."