Getting Marsupials to Australia

Despite the persistent straw man accusations of anti-creationists, we are not content to say, "GodDidIt, case closed!" While creation scientists believe that God did something, they want to know how he did it. They look for scientific answers first. Not that those are superior, as we presuppose the truth of the Bible.

Unlike Darwin's disciples who presuppose naturalism and say, "Case closed," creationists and Intelligent Design theorists appeal to the miraculous when that is the logical conclusion. Both secular and creation scientists ponder biogeography — just how did koalas and other marsupials get to 'Straya?

Koala eating, RGBStock / Richard Dudley (modified at Imgflip)
Creationist explanations for biogeography are superior to those of secularists, as the methods of animal travel they propose are inadequate — even though the quantity of marsupials in Australia is somehow considered evidence for evolution. The debate is not easy for either side since each has speculations based on their worldviews. Naturalists appeal to millions of years (critters don't show all that much variation, and creationists also believe in that and speciation). There are reasons proposed that divine guidance was involved in animal migration after the Genesis Flood.
How did Australia come to be inhabited by about 140 species of marsupial mammals and a couple of species of monotremes, but no placental terrestrial mammals (apart from rats, which may have been relatively late arrivals)? Creationists tend to avoid supernatural causes when explaining the post-Flood world’s biogeography:

. . .

The presence in Australia (before human arrival) of about 140 species of marsupials, a couple of species of monotremes and rats, but no other placental mammals is an arrangement that looks too specified (or lopsided) to have occurred through natural processes. This should lead us to suspect that an intelligent actor, rather than natural causes or random chance, has been responsible.

This one will get you to cognating. You can read it all by visiting "Marsupials in Australia—an act of God?"