No Luck in Grand Canyon Creature Designs

Although most are reluctant to admit it, proponents of descent with modifications evolution believe in a heapin' helpin' of luck. But luck is not a lady for them in regards to life forming without a Creator, that our sun is well-behaved, Earth's perfect orbit, and more.

When considering individual creatures and their survival skills, evolutionists evosplain what is observed and imply luck helped. Their own narrative does not work. For instance, the abilities of the bombardier beetle must be in place all at the same time for the insect to live. Consider some of the residents of Grand Canyon.

Many may deny it, but evolutionists depend on luck because they cannot successfully evosplain living things. Consider some that live in Grand Canyon, such as the horned lizard.
Horned Lizard, Wikimedia Commons / Room237 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
The homely horned lizard has camouflage, is hard to digest — and can squirt blood out of its eyes on target at a predator. (Internet anti-creationists act that way in social(ist) media comments.) Although nothing like the roadrunner of cartoon fame, this bird really does run down the road. It also can grab a striking rattlesnake and turn it into lunch with extreme prejudice. We joke about eating roadkill, but that would be dangerous. But turkey vultures were built with digestion that protects them. Logic and observation tell us that animals were built by the Master Engineer to survive and thrive.
Grand Canyon animals display many marvelous traits and behaviors as they live life in that harsh habitat. These canyon creatures succeed thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ’s providential provisioning and not due to impersonal “luck.”

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