Nice Guys Finish — More Evolved?

The evolution story is convoluted, using natural selection, mutations, and especially time. Death is the way that life forms advance, Although Charles Darwin did not come up with the phrase survival of the fittest, he incorporated it into revisions of On the Origin of Species.

Evolution is all about the struggle for resources; those who survive get the reward of passing along their genes. Y'all might want to sing about it being a wild world, baby, but it turns out that the violent struggle is overstated. Indeed, creationists have been pointing out cooperation for quite some time.

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Speaking of convoluted, this post is introducing the article featured below, which examines a paper reviewing a book about cooperation. Of course, evolutionary selfishness still exists are a motivation. Yeah, convoluted.

We've all heard about symbiosis (win-win) and the like: Woolly bats live in carnivorous pitcher plants, the oxpecker on the back of a rhinoceros (or other critter), eating parasites. There are other examples, and variations on these things exist. Unfortunately, Darwin's disciples give credit to evolution for symbiosis, even though they cannot legitimately explain it. Many instances are between species, which further frustrates evolutionary concepts. The author and reviewer are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and manage to raise their bony middle fingers to the Creator as well.
File this in the “Now they tell us!” folder. All that rhetoric was wrong about nature red in tooth and claw, survival of the fittest, struggle for existence due to competition for resources, and death as the ladder for evolutionary progress. Darwin didn’t understand Darwinism. He should have noticed that animals and plants do better when they cooperate. Love makes the world go round.

If skulls could speak, millions of dead men’s bones would scream bloody murder. Were their untimely deaths all for naught?

Be kind and read the rest of the article at "Survival of the Nicest? Now They Tell Us." The following video has a bit of a leftist slant, but is still interesting. Have you pecked your ox today?