Evolutionists Making Up Facts Again

Just yesterday, I was in town to send a telegram over the singing wires, then stopped in at the eatery. At the next table were several executives of the Darwin Ranch. They were finishing lunch before saddling up and riding back to Deception Pass.

I was on the prod after having dealt with the same old "put 'em on the defensive" remarks from atheists. The ranch folks were getting rambunctious. Dewey Lye was going on about new research on feather evolution. I mentioned there has never been conclusive evidence for dinosaur feathers. Al Buehterawl took a deep breath and evosplained it to me.

Pond off Sawkill Road, Kingston, NY, Unsplash / Cowboy Bob Sorensen, modified with FotoSketcher
Actually, I learned very little. Researchers were looking in the wrong place at the wrong things on the wrong birds. Eventually, dinosaur scales were compared to those of crocodiles, so the dinosaur was getting ready to evolve. "Evidence" was obtained by citing a paper from several years previously — which didn't help much.

After pointing out that this chin music was just assuming evolution to prove evolution, and "facts" were using the scientific principle of Making Things Up™, they guys gave me some verbal jabs before leaving. The fact remains that people get paid for propping up evolution without substantial evidence. They get paid for this, and it shields people from hearing the truth about creation.

If'n y'all have a mind to, the feather follies and other material is located at "Proving Evolution With Imaginary Facts."