Power of the Wolf Pack

When browsing through some fleece throw blankets that had artwork, I saw a howling wolf. Although I am a cat person, I admire wolves — which are probably very close to the original created dog kind. Even in recordings, a gray wolf pack singing their song is impressive.

There are stories of brutality to move up in the ranks and take over the leadership, but those are only stories. They please Papa Darwin and his scenatrio, though. Wolf packs are actually quite different from what people generally think.

The story told about life in a wolf pack involves brutality and struggles for leadership. Reality is far different from what many people may think.
Wolf pack at Yellowstone, NPS / Doug Smith (usage here does not imply endorsement of site contents)
By the way, the article linked below states that nobody knows where the misconception of wolves howling at the moon originated. I have a speculation: perspective. The moon is up, the wolves are howling, and it looks like they are howling at the moon. But they're not. Moving on...

The wolf pack is pretty much a family unit for survival. Like we use our senses in our daily lives, they do as well. They also use them for communication. Scent for marking territory and gathering information, sound for unity and in other activities, and other senses are used. People who are owned by pets know that animals have body language, and that, too, is important in the pack. The Creator put many details together for the survival of these creatures.
A wolf pack’s howl can strike terror in a lone traveler’s heart. But in spite of our fear—or maybe because of it—human beings have been fascinated with wolves for thousands of years. You’ll find them throughout the Old and New Worlds and their stories. From Fenrir of Norse mythology to Lupa of Roman fame to the Big Bad Wolf, wolves appear prominently in cultures around the globe. Since sometime after Adam’s fall into sin, that howl has signaled danger to mankind, so it makes sense that wolves would often be the bad guys in fables and legends. But of all the wild animals, what specifically about wolves sparks human imagination?

Follow the trail to the read rest of the article or listen to the audio by my favorite reader at "Wolves—Strength of the Pack." Next, is she a troublemaker?