Death Star Moon Fails Astrobiology

"He's heading for that space station."

"That's no space station, it's a small moon."

The secular science industry is all a-twitter about space probe information from Mimas, suggesting there is water under its surface. Interesting that the big crater named Herschel shows an impact that, if it were any stronger, this moon of Saturn would be crumbs.

Believers in cosmic evolution seem to believe that if water is found, there will be life. Though the origin of life cannot be explained on Earth, it must have happened elsewhere in the universe. Because evolution. The Farce is strong in them...

Secular scientists are excited that Mimas, a moon of Saturn, may have water. They believe in cosmic and biological evolution because of it. Not so.
Mimas, NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute, modified at PhotoFunia (usage does not imply endorsement by anyone)
It seems that whenever news arrives that is disastrous to deep-time beliefs, adherents put on happy faces and claim to be excited. Like paleontologists that skirt around the problem of dinosaur soft tissues, these jaspers divert people's attention. Some are wondering how to explain the fact that an ocean should not be there after billions of Darwin years, others dream up unworkable rescuing devices.
Scientists have analyzed data obtained from the Cassini spacecraft and concluded that irregularities in the orbit of Saturn’s moon Mimas indicate that it contains a hidden ocean of liquid water beneath its surface. Similar arguments have already been published, but the fact that this result has now been published in the prestigious journal Nature suggests the evidence for this claim is stronger than before. Indeed, an alternate explanation for the peculiarities in Mimas’ orbital motions seems to have been ruled out.

This subsurface ocean is thought to comprise at least half of Mimas’ volume and to be relatively young by uniformitarian reckoning, between two and 25 million years old.

The rest of the article is found at "A Subsurface Ocean on Mimas?" Come back for more about this subject and related astrobiology.

Regular readers might rightly recollect that this child says a science needs to have something to study, but there are no astros for biology. That is, no extraterrestrial life. But it's a "science." Even if Mimas and other objects in the solar system had water, it would be a huge leap to say that there is life as well. Other conditions are very important as well. But that doesn't stop Darwin's acolytes from indicating that there is plenty of life in Mimas and other moons.

Meanwhile, biblical creationists can hope that water is found (keeping in mind it is only inferred right now). That's because the earth, solar system, and the universe itself were all created recently. Water's presence there would cause more difficulties for secularists, but God's Word remains true and does not need to be changed whenever a new scientific discovery is made. Sure does happen a lot at the secular science industry, though. They need to cowboy up and admit to the truth of creation.

When the embargo was lifted on a paper in Nature, all the toadies in the Big Science Media raced to get their boilerplate to the internet, hoping to compete for clicks for their advertisers. This custom is rigged to popularize the consensus Darwin-materialist narrative. Since most science journalists are trained to treat “scientists” as true prophets, and were trained in Darwin Indoctrination Centers (known as public schools), their duty is to write up the expert consensus as creatively as possible, not to question it. Reporters can ridicule politicians, but criticizing something a NASA scientist says would be way outside the rules of propriety for a science journalist. So here we go again, watching all the rubber ducks quack in unison: “Mimas might have water! That means it might have life!”

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